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AEDC Board Approves Deal with Fairly Group

The Amarillo Economic Development Corporation has approved a $1.8 million deal with the Fairly Group.

The board voted to approve the deal with the Fairly Group, providing the organization with $1.8 million in exchange for a commitment to add 100 new employees and a payroll of $5.7 million over the next 15 years.

The Fairly Group serves as a risk consulting company for clients nationwide. The organization is led by CEO Bill Creedon and president Alex Fairly.

Fairly himself made news earlier this year by helping to broker the deal for a letter of intent from Elmore Sports Group to move a AA affiliate baseball team to Amarillo by spring 2019. Fairly's role in the baseball deal was said to play no role in the deal with the AEDC.

This is the second deal brokered by the AEDC this year. Under president Barry Albrecht's tenure, the AEDC approved a deal with Maxor National Pharmacy Services to add up to 375 jobs and $25 million to the company payroll by 2037.

Photo by Fairly Group on Vimeo

Photo by Fairly Group on Vimeo

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