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Editorial: A Publisher's View

I generally do not wish to opine regarding many news stories we cover. As the publisher, I have a responsibility to remain neutral.  I feel that our readers need straightforward news that is a short read and straight to the point. However,  in light of several recent stories,  I feel the need to share my point of view.  

There are different views pertaining to the institutions that govern our tax dollars.  I personally can see all sides, but do not support every side. I have been involved in large corporations that foot the bill for every expense, and reimburse at will. I also have been involved in the small business sector where every dollar counts. Nonprofit organizations are often times a healthy mix of both, at least for a time.

The way that I feel about the use of tax dollars is easily explained.  The moment that tax dollars are used or accepted, you must use a different set of rules.  There is no place for mismanagement of public funds. Just because a group or individual is indoctrinated into the corporate thought process,  doesn't mean that they should be extended grace for error. Not only is mismanagement abuse of taxpayers dollars, it is theft of their life and time. People work for a paycheck to pay their taxes and bills. At the end of your life, how much would this time be worth to you?

These are just some things to reflect upon as we move forward.

-Tom Warren II, Publisher

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