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Tomorrow Marks Seven Years Since Murder of Local Businessman Vaughan

Tomorrow marks the 7th anniversary of the death of one of Amarillo's greatest friends, Thomas Roy Vaughan.

Seven years ago, Tommy was brutally beaten to death at his North Amarillo business, Fort Williams Military Surplus.

In a case that has yet to see closure, his friends feel hopeful.

"The case is still active. We are currently looking at new leads" said Detective Eric Bohannon of the APD Special Crimes Unit. "This is an active and unsolved case."

Detective Eric Bohannon is now leading the investigation on Vaughan's case. Bohannon said that there have been new developments in the case over the past year and even developments dating back to last summer. Bohannon said that his top priority now is collecting information from the public while following leads.

"If somebody calls with a lead, we follow the leads," Bohannon said, "That's just the nature of the beast in a homicide case. You never know who is going to see something."

Bohannon said that APD has been using a variety of tactics in working to solve the case of Vaughan's murder.

"There are a number of people investigators have talked to." Bohannon said, "We've worked neighborhood canvassing. It's old school police work where we walk and talk to people."

According to Bohannon, it is believed that the assault that led to Vaughan's death occurred on July 28, 2010. Bohannon said that if anyone was in the neighborhood near the scene of the crime and may have seen or heard something, they should speak to APD.

"If you have any information, call APD Special Crimes at 378-9468." Bohannon said.

Seven years later, Bohannon said that he will continue to work the case to bring closure to Vaughan's family and friends and to the Amarillo community as a whole.

"My biggest hope is as we talk about this someone will come forward," Bohannon said, "We need to give closure for his friends."

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