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Property Tax Reform Views: Danny South

As the Texas Senate has recently passed Senate Bill 1, dubbed the "property tax reform bill," many Texans have been expressing different opinions. Proponents of the bill say it stops reckless municipal governments from continuing with skyrocketing tax rates and appraisals. Opponents of the bill say that the bill will, among other things, damage local control.

We at the Amarillo Pioneer want to bring you opinions from local community members on the bill and property tax reform. This is one of a series of views from local residents on the property tax reform bill:

Danny South

Taxation is theft, period. The City of Amarillo's debt per person has exploded since 2005. In 10 years, more than quadrupled.

And, I'm afraid we haven't seen anything yet. Just wait over the next 6-12 months with CO's flying off the gavel of our current Mayor.

That said, that's the reason why good 'ole Amarillo has become well known throughout the state as "Lil Austin". Debt & absurd spending meanwhile, you can't hardly drive down any street in this town without either a hardhat or a 5-point harness in your vehicle.

Gov. Abbott has seen enough on the "theft" throughout the state. The behemoth 969-page SB-1 includes a "Property Tax Reform". In essence, it means a municipality cannot exceed your property value rate over 5%...without a vote by the taxpayers. Sounds great right?

Well, wait a minute mister! If you're in a city controlled by Progressives (both with a "R" or "D") then these folks despise a say by the very people paying the Bills. Case & point?

Our own Sen. Seliger elected in 2004 voted against this yesterday. (Btw, he was the ONLY so-called "Republican" in the Senate to vote no). And why did Mayor Nelson fly down & testify in Austin against  the "Property Tax Reform"? And yes…our tax dollars are paying for that trip as well. Define irony…

Our own Mr. Bill Sumerford was instrumental in freezing property taxes for those 65 & older. With being in business for 26 years, I can personally tell you countless horror stories from folks right here in Amarillo who HAD to sell their PAID FOR property due to? Taxes

Former-Commissioner Jerry Patterson, Republican candidate for Lt. Governor in 2014 stated: The greatest threat to Liberty? A City Council.”

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