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APD Advises Residents What to Do In Minor Accidents

"The Texas Transportation Code, Section 550.022 specifies a driver’s duty when involved in a traffic accident that results in only damage to a vehicle.

The law says that “If an accident occurs on a main lane, ramp, shoulder, median, or adjacent area of a freeway in a metropolitan area and each vehicle involved can be normally and safely driven, each operator shall move the operator's vehicle as soon as possible to a designated accident investigation site, if available, a location on the frontage road, the nearest suitable cross street, or other suitable location to complete the requirements of Section 550.023 and minimize interference with freeway traffic.”

The law defines a vehicle that can normally and safely be driven as “a vehicle that does not require towing, and can be operated under its own power and in its usual manner without additional damage or hazard to the vehicle, other traffic, or the roadway.” The law defines metropolitan area as containing at least one municipality with a population of at least 100,000 people and includes the adjacent municipalities and urban districts.

Remember, this is for minor, NON-injury accidents only.

More severe accidents require that drivers stop, render aid and assistance, provide information to other drivers involved and report the appropriate law enforcement authority.

There is a common misconception that “it's against the law to move your car after an accident,” when in fact the law specifies what you should do.

By complying with the law in a minor accident, you can help protect your vehicle from additional damage, prevent injuries, and avoid causing other accidents when vehicles attempt to avoid damaged vehicles left in the roadway."

-Amarillo Police Dept.

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