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Police Department Asks Salesmen to Register

The Amarillo Police Department is asking all local door-to-door salesmen to register with the Amarillo Police Department before selling.

According to APD, under municipal ordinance, salesmen must be registered and sales are only allowed from the hours of 10am through 7pm. Residents can also request the permits from the salesmen at any time.

The APD also would like to let residents know that they are not to be held responsible for the salesmen's products.

"Registration by a seller doesn't mean the city can speak to the guarantee, warranty, honesty or legitimacy of any individual or group or the product or goods they are selling," APD said in a statement, "Again, merely having the blue 8.5 inch by 11 inch permit card, which each seller is required to carry, does not mean the company has been 'checked out' just that the individual salesman has complied with the law requiring registration."

Although some residents call APD reporting questionable sells tactics, if the tactics are not actually a violation of the law, then they are not a violation of the municipal ordinance.

If you believe that a door-to-door salesman is not honoring the ordinance by not being registered or by not selling during the correct hours, then you are asked to call the Amarillo Police Department at 378-3038.

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