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Pets and Fireworks

This article by Sandra McCartt originally appeared in The Amarillo Pioneer on July 1, 2016

There are statistically more pets lost, strayed or scared to death on the 4th of July than any other time of the year.

Pet owners, please make sure you bring your pets inside or have your gates secure. Even a normally laid back dog will panic at the sound of fireworks off in the distance and try to run. If you can’t bring them inside , in a garage or building with food and water please try and have a crate where they can be secure when the sound of fireworks start. Fireworks are illegal inside the city limits but we all know there are people who ignore the law and shoot them off anyway. Even the sound of fireworks and the flare of lights in the distance will many times cause a dog to panic, jump a fence they have never tried to jump and end up in the street or running until they are lost far from home. Cats end up on roof tops or high up In trees requiring help to get down. If your pet panics inside (some do) a crate where they can feel secure will help.

For suggestions about safety precautions to keep Fluffy or Bowser from going nuts or wrapping your pet see the Humane Society page at

Photo by Huffington Post

Photo by Huffington Post

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