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Letter to the Editor: Harpole 2018

Who comes to your mind when you think of a successful businessman that cares about his community? You should think of Mayor Paul Harpole.

I have known Mayor Harpole for many years and I have always known Paul to be committed to fairness, equality, and a sense of pride for Amarillo. Paul loves this town and he worked so very hard with three city councils to make Amarillo an even better place to live.

Paul presided over the biggest economic revitalization in our city's history. Just look what has happened downtown. The MPEV is being built and Paul Harpole can be credited for a big part of that.

I was very disappointed to see Paul go earlier this year and I hope that Mayor Ginger Nelson will accomplish great things like Mayor Harpole did.

A gentleman wrote an article to the Amarillo Pioneer last week detailing why (former City Councilman) Randy Burkett should run for United States Congress. I have a different suggestion. I suggest we send Paul Harpole to Congress and get America working again. Paul would be civility and equality to Congress and would not let our community go unheard.

-J.A. Martinez

Photo by KFDA

Photo by KFDA

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