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Want to Run for City Council or Mayor? Here's How

Have you ever wanted to be Mayor of Amarillo or an Amarillo City Councilmember? Have you ever thought about running? Now's your chance.

Amarillo city elections will be held, this May. All four seats on the Amarillo City Council and the role of mayor will be up for grabs in the election. Currently, Mayor Paul Harpole and Councilmember Lisa Blake have both announced their intention to retire, signaling two open seats for May's election.

So, do you want to run? You can if you meet the following criteria (from

·          Registered voter,

·          Resident of Amarillo for a period of at least 12 months, preceding the election,

·          Not indebted to the City,

·          Not hold any other public office of emolument and shall not be interested in the profits or emolument of any contracts, job, work or service for the municipality, or interested in the sale to the City of any supplies, equipment, material or articles purchased.

·          Not an officer or employee of the City.

If you meet the qualifications, and you want to run, please contact the City Secretary's office for information about picking up an application.

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