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Rosser's Ramblings: Guide to Valentine's Day

by Trent Rosser

Tuesday is Valentine’s Day, or as some would say, “Single Awareness day.” I have spent many years celebrating “Single Awareness day,” but now I celebrate Valentine’s Day. Yes there is a difference, ask any women and they will tell you the difference. I have found the secret to a woman’s heart. I have thought many years, that if you wanted to get with a beautiful woman, you had to be cool, or have chiseled abs, or be rich, or own a great car and house. I was wrong. The thing that a woman likes the most….. is to be listened to. That is right; the best thing a man can do is shut up and listen. So I came up with a guide to help women and men out on this special day.


This Valentine’s Day the chocolate will be flowing and the flowers will be everywhere. You don’t need money to make a great Valentine’s Day for your other half. No, all you need is some imagination. It is easy go out and buy something nice and special, but it takes real talent to come up with something special on your own. Here are some hints on what to do. Stay home and make a special supper just the 2 of ya. If you have kids, hire a babysitter and get the kids out of the house. Or even just turning up the radio and pulling your spouse out in the front yard and start dancing. Believe it or not, it is the little things that make the biggest impression. Do the dishes or laundry.  Do something that you do not do all the time. Go out of your way to show her how much you really care and appreciate her.

If you do happen to have extra money, get her something that she has wanted for quite a while. If you do not know what she wants…..ask her! You will have to listen to what the answer is but she will tell you. It might be in code, but ask her friends, they will let you know. Go out and get it for her. After all, she puts up with us and our antics. If she is anything like my wife, she deserves everything she wants.

If all else fails, then it is ok to get flowers. Your local supermarkets usually have a floral area with all kinds of flowers. Get her something you can afford, but don’t forget some candy. Just make sure it is real flowers and not fake ones. Yes, you can always say something like, “my love for you will never die, like these fake flowers…. That I found by the cemetery.” Trust me. It will not work, unless you are trying to celebrate “single awareness day”.

Here are some “don’t” gifts to give her for this special day. Do not give her a vacuum cleaner. Tools and car wash certificates are great for us, but not for them. That look you get when you give your wife of 10 years a power tool, is usually not a good look and it means you are in deep trouble. And those “sexy” photos that some people are taking, it looks good for a woman, but not a 6ft, 200 pound man. It don’t matter how sexy the photographer said you are, there are still some things that should not be shared with anyone! Making her smile that is another secret. Even if you have to be goofy to make her laugh, then do it. Grab her, pull her close and whisper in her ear “sweet nothings sweet nothing”


Buy a tool; give it to him while wearing lingerie!

The End

P.S.: Does anyone know what I need to get my wife? I have no clue??

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