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Editorial: Bandy's Unopposed Election Should Cause Concerns

Next year, Bill Bandy will become the next chairman of the Potter County Republican Party. Bandy's unopposed election should concern those in Amarillo on both sides of the aisle.

Bandy, an Amarillo politician and businessman, filed his application late on Monday to earn a spot on the ballot running for Potter County Republican Party chairman. Bandy ended up being the only candidate on the ballot, as chairman Jim Lowder withdrew from election.

The fact that Bandy will become the next chairman of the local party should concern those on both sides of the aisle in Amarillo. Bandy has been a staunch supporter of candidates backed by local political organizations and has shown himself willing to play favorites in elections. In fact, Bandy was on the steering committee for at least one candidate supported by the group Amarillo Matters in the 2017 elections. Bandy was also willing to defend the candidates who benefited from attack ads in the 2017 municipal elections.

Because Bandy has shown himself to play favorites in elections and to be a defender of Amarillo Matters, voters should be concerned about Bandy becoming the next party chairman unopposed.

In his capacity, Bandy will be tasked with accepting applications from local Republican candidates, supporting ballot integrity and appointing poll watchers. Voters should be concerned about Bandy's support for Amarillo Matters candidates and his staunch defense of such candidates.

We sincerely hope the Bandy's support for the group's candidates will not cloud his judgement while being county chair.

-Thomas Warren III, Editor-In-Chief

Photo by KFDA

Photo by KFDA

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