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Pioneer Names 2017 Hall of Fame Inductees

The five inductees of the inaugural class of the Amarillo Pioneer Hall of Fame have been named.

This morning, Pioneer editor Thomas Warren III named the first five inductees into the Amarillo Pioneer Hall of Fame. All five inductees had been nominated by readers of the Amarillo Pioneer and were selected for induction by the Pioneer editorial staff, based upon the contributions that they had made to Amarillo and the Texas Panhandle.

In the inaugural class, five inductees were chosen in four categories. The categories of business, entertainment and sports, and activism all saw one inductee each. Meanwhile, two inductees were chosen in the category of community service.

All five inductees will be commemorated with an award to be hung at the Amarillo Historical Museum's new western campus (211 SE 17th Avenue, Amarillo). In addition, awards recognizing the inductees for their contributions and honors are available upon request of the inductee or the family of the inductee.

"We are very excited about the induction of our first hall of famers," publisher Tom Warren II said. "All of these inductees were selected by our readers and are very deserving of this recognition."


Lyndon Moss 

Business Class

Lyndon Moss is the founder of Moss Body Shop and is a well-known local racer and sports celebrity. Moss also founded Lyndon Moss Tractor Supply and has been a frequent name in Harley-Davidson restoration.

William Sumerford

Activism Class

William Sumerford was a political activist in Amarillo and a major supporter of conservative causes. Sumerford was the president of the Amarillo Tea Party and was a one-time candidate for Potter County Judge. Sumerford was also heavily involved in the Amarillo Taxpayers PAC and was involved in prison ministries.

Dennis Stamp

Entertainment & Sports Class

Dennis Stamp was a professional wrestler in Amarillo who wrestled for numerous wrestling companies including the World Wrestling Federation and the National Wrestling Alliance. Stamp was also prominently featured in the documentary "Beyond The Mat." In the documentary, Stamp coined the phrase "I'm not booked" and became an internet celebrity in the United Kingdom. Stamp was also a poet and the author of The Stamp Collection.

Don Nicholson

Community Service Class

Don Nicholson is a local community servant who has been active with many organizations and endeavors. Nicholson served on the Amarillo College Board of Regents for several years and has been involved with community outreach for organizations such as the High Plains Food Bank.

Charles Warford

Community Service Class

Charles Warford was a local community servant who was very active in community initiatives in North Amarillo. Warford helped found the United Citizens Forum and held a leadership role in the Mount Zion Baptist Church. In 2002, Warford was honored with a lifetime achievement award from the Amarillo NAACP and was honored in 2016 by the Amarillo City Council, when the Council voted unanimously to rename the North Branch YMCA building after Warford.

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