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Editorial: No Endorsements on AISD, Constitution Elections

As always, the Amarillo Pioneer would like to remind voters that we are not making any endorsements for any of the propositions on the ballot this November.

We have done much reporting on all of the items that voters will see on the ballot. There is much to know before casting ballots this November, so beginning Monday, the Amarillo Pioneer will begin bringing you arguments for and against different proposals on the ballot.

But, instead of an endorsement, we have two recommendations for local voters.

First, Amarillo Independent School District is asking voters to approve $100 million in bonds for campus improvements. According to maps released by the school district, the improvements will be seen at multiple campuses around the AISD system. Whether you plan to support or oppose this initiative, this election is going to be crucial for the future of tax bills and schools within Amarillo.

We recommend that voters cast ballots in this year's election. While it may seem that no hot topics are appearing on the 2017 ballot, there are major issues that deserve the choice of voters.

Secondly, on the statewide ballot, voters will decide seven amendments to the Texas Constitution. Some amendments have been relatively left to fate, while others have seen big pushes from organization and political action committees. Notably, PAC's associated with the Texas Association of REALTORS are making big spending pushes for Proposition 2, which would change home equity loans in Texas. Empower Texans has also released a list of endorsements for the election.

The Amarillo Pioneer will not endorse any of the amendments, however, we encourage voters to seek out information on the amendments. Also, we recommend that voters take notice of which persons or groups are supporting each initiative. Much can be learned by finding out who is attempting to influence your vote.

Early voting begins on Monday, October 23rd and runs through November 3rd. Election day is November 7th.

We will see you at the polls.

-Thomas Warren III, Editor-In-Chief

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