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Constitutional Carry Bill Slated for 2017 Legislative Session

A new bill filed ahead of the 2017 Texas Legislative session could make Texas the 12th state to approve a form of constitutional carry.

Under the bill, which was filed by Rep. Jonathan Stickland (R-Bedford), licensing processes to obtain a permit to carry a handgun would be optional, for those eligible. The Texas Tribune reports that the idea behind the bill is that Texans should not have to take a course and pay a fee to exercise Second Amendment rights.

Several Democratic legislators and advocacy groups have already announced their intentions to oppose Stickland's bill. The Texas Tribune reports that Rep. Donna Howard and Moms Demand Action will both be opposing the bill.

During the 2015 session, Texas passed the "open carry" law, which allows licensed Texans to carry a handgun in an open holster. The passage of that bill made Texas the 45th state in the United States to allow open carry of handguns.

Governor Greg Abbott has not stated whether or not he will support Stickland's bill.

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