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The Visitor Pitch: Comparing Amarillo and Lubbock Visitor Guides

As cities across the country compete to pick up tourists and visitors in 2017, visitor guides have become a crucial part of the pitch. Amarillo has a visitor guide, as does Lubbock, but many local residents may not know what is inside of this guide.

The Amarillo visitor guide is produced by the Amarillo Convention and Visitors Council. The Lubbock guide is produced by the Lubbock Convention and Visitors Bureau. While both guides represent different locations, both have major similarities.

The Amarillo and Lubbock visitor guides both feature a listing of various tourist locations and hotels. Amarillo's visitor guide also includes a small sampling of restaurants, while Lubbock has a large section of its visitor guide dedicated to local restaurants. Both guides also contain a listing of local golf courses.

When it comes to the differences in the guides, both have traits that stand out. Amarillo's guide contains a "near Palo Duro Canyon" section which contains sites and venues near the Canyon. The Amarillo guide also contains "Tuck Tours" and a small listing of events from the CVC's calendar. Another key piece of the guide is a section of coupons for local businesses.

Lubbock's visitor guide contains an in-depth listing of local eateries, shops, spas and other local businesses. The guide also contains a section titled "Instaworthy" which contains listings of various spots which are perfect for tourist photographs. In addition, the guide also contains a large fold-out map of Lubbock.

In total, Amarillo's guide contains about 35 pages of local tourist listings. Lubbock's guide contains 105 pages. However, of Lubbock's 105 pages, multiple pages include various local ads.

For more information about Amarillo's visitor guide or CVC, please visit For Lubbock's CVB, please visit

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