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Rosser's Ramblings: Yes, Virginia, There Is A Santa Claus and I Know Who He Is

by Trent Rosser

A little while back, a man walks into the mall. He goes to the line of children waiting to see Santa Claus, and starts to tell them that Santa is not real. He tells them that their parents are lying to them. I can understand that preachers want to teach the gospel, but this was going too far. This man has made national news numerous times for his antics. That is just what I believe they are, antics to get him a little fame. What he doesn’t know is that there really is a Santa Claus. I know exactly who he is and he does not live at the North Pole, no, he lives right here in town.

A few years ago, I bought a camouflage cowboy hat. I loved that hat. I wore it everywhere I went. It was poorly constructed and it did not hold up much longer after I got caught up in the rain. I had to throw the hat away. It was one of my saddest days and one of my wife’s happiest days. She did not like that hat at all. She referred to it as “That damn hat!”  Suddenly, after trying to replace that hat with many others, I decided to try to find another one. I tried a couple of different hats, but it just was not the same. I just about gave up. Then, while Christmas shopping I found one. Unfortunately it too was poorly made and not worth the money. So that would be the end of the hat. Like Thanksgiving, we do Christmas early and different days so we can be with all the family. My father, my mother, my wife’s parents, the kids and grandkids, so we ended up opening presents at my father’s first. For some reason, my father has always had a “Gag gift”. So for the last few years, some of my presents have been wrapped in a bag from Victoria’s Secret store. I promise you, there is nothing at that store for me. When I opened the bag for Victoria's Secret and pulled out a new camouflage cowboy hat…. I was ecstatic. My wife on the other hand…..not so much. She knew how much I wanted a new one, but never told anyone. I too never told anyone about that hat. How did they know, Santa! He did not live at the North Pole and ride in a sleigh powered by reindeer. He lives just south of town and drives a ford pickup.

For the last 8 months, my wife has been wanting a spice rack but most of all a curio cabinet. The other day I had to take the truck to pay bills. After I picked up my wife from work and we walked in the house…. There in the corner was a curio cabinet. Santa brought it! This was a different Santa than the one that brought the hat. This Santa was tall with just a bit of grey hair. He was very good looking! Looked a lot like me!! I actually received a gift that day. Seeing the face on my wife as she saw the curio cabinet gave me a feeling of joy. That was my gift.

I was always taught that it is better to give than to receive. Of course, any child during Christmas time, will dispute that saying. The more toys the better. When I was younger, I always wanted the best and newest toys out there. I did get some of them, but there was always that one present. We opened it up hoping for a cool toy or something we really wanted, only to find a new package of underwear. Something everyone should know, no child wants underwear or socks wrapped up in a present under the tree!  They want toys, toys, and more toys! 

A feeling of joy, happiness, and satisfaction is a gift we receive when we give to others. Santa is alive and well in us all. It is true, it is better to give than receive, because when we give, we also receive. We receive the joy of children as they open a present that they always wanted. We receive the happiness of seeing a child sitting on Santa’s lap. And we receive the satisfaction of knowing that in one of the present under the tree is a package of socks or underwear. We just hope it doesn’t have our name on it! This next year, as Christmas comes around, I am going to put on the black boots, the red suit and white beard and pass out Christmas gifts. You will not be able to miss me, I will be the tall skinny Santa with Victoria's Secret bags passing out packages of socks and underwear….. oh, I will also have on that damn hat!

Merry Christmas from the Rosser family.

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