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Texas Electors Pick Trump, Kasich, Paul

Electoral College electors from Texas cast their votes, on Monday, and the results showed Donald Trump as the big winner in the Lone Star State.

Donald Trump, who was projected to receive all 38 of Texas' electors, picked up 36 electors. 2 Electors from Texas went "faithless" during the vote, and cast for a candidate other than Donald Trump. Ohio Governor John Kasich received 1 of the remaining votes, while retired U.S. Representative Ron Paul received the remaining vote.

On the Vice Presidential side, Indiana Governor Mike Pence was expected to pick up the support of the state's 38 electors. Pence received 37 votes, while former Hewlett-Packard CEO Carly Fiorina received 1 vote. Fiorina had been chosen earlier this year as the Vice Presidential candidate on Texas Senator Ted Cruz's presidential ticket.

The two "faithless" votes in Texas were the first of their kind in Texas' long electoral history. But the two votes were not the only "faithless" votes cast nationwide.

Retired General and former Secretary of State Colin Powell received 3 votes from Washington electors, making him the third place candidate in the race for President. Activist Faith Spotted Eagle and Senator Bernie Sanders both received 1 electoral vote each.

For Vice President, Senator Elizabeth Warren received 2 votes. Author Winona LaDuke and Senators Susan Collins and Maria Cantwell also received 1 vote each.

With the Electoral voting process complete, Republican Donald Trump has officially been elected by the Electoral College as President.

Photos by Slate, PBS, Ron Paul

Photos by Slate, PBS, Ron Paul

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