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Brandon Smith: Let's Know the Candidates

Okay, Ladies and Gentlemen, we've got some candidates already showing interest in Mayor of Amarillo. As a concerned voter, I want to know what type of people are wanting to be in charge of where this city goes. I also want to know if there are any conflicts of interest (real, or perceived) with any of the candidates. Let's get all our upcoming candidates in a round-table discussion about their views, plans, and histories so we as voters can make an informed decision about our elected officials.

There are many places we can hold these discussions, and I feel we should have more than a couple. Local news outlets should get involved, and maybe even host, and broadcast, live debate-style forums. All questions should be from a pool derived from various social media outlets.

My main questions revolve around fixing the very broken, almost useless, public transit system; plans involving downtown; and plans for police and fire departments. There's also questions about undoing regulations and ordinances, for example, the advertising signage rules or the cell phone ban.

These people want to represent us in the operation and growth of our city. Let's find the people that actually represent what we as citizens want.

Thanks for your time, and good luck to all our candidates!

Brandon Smith was a candidate for Amarillo City Council Place 3 in 2015.

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