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City Council Talks Moving Meeting Time to Early Morning

Trade in your breakfast for a trip to City Hall. The Amarillo City Council may soon be moving its meeting times to the morning.

On Tuesday, Councilmembers discussed a change to the time of the meeting to the morning, around 7am. The agreement for a change was discussed, with Mayor Ginger Nelson spearheading the issue, saying that the move from 5pm to 7am would better benefit working parents. City manager Jared Miller also agreed with making the change, saying it would allow for City employees to avoid working overtime to attend the meetings.

Overall, there was little opposition to the proposed change among members of the City Council. Councilmember Freda Powell gave the only criticism of the change, asking if the proposed change would allow citizens the ability to attend the meetings.

Councilmember Howard Smith agreed with the change, saying he supports the Potter and Randall County Commissions' standard meeting times of 9am. Councilmember Eddy Sauer also approved of the change, but suggested moving public comment to the beginning of the meeting when the 7am change takes place.

In the end, the Council agreed to try the change for 90 days in the future, with a possible start date  in September. City manager Jared Miller was unable to give a firm date for the change during the meeting on Tuesday, saying that he does not want to change information released for already scheduled meetings.

Nelson  Photo by Nelson Campaign


Photo by Nelson Campaign

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