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City Manager Miller Elaborates on Dog Aggression Claims

City manager Jared Miller is doubling down on reports that a pregnant dog was euthanized, while in labor, due to its aggression.

During Tuesday's meeting of the Amarillo City Council, Miller addressed the audience and the City Council, after multiple public comments during the meeting were directed at the City of Amarillo's handling of a situation recently, which saw a pregnant female dog euthanized. Conflicting stories have stated that the dog was euthanized while in labor or immediately after giving birth, although this story has not been clarified by City of Amarillo staff. Meanwhile, Animal Management & Welfare director Richard Havens stated that the story of the dog's euthanasia was mostly true.

On Tuesday, Miller pushed back against claims that the dog was not aggressive, stating that the dog was surrendered by owners, after an incident sent one of the owners to a local hospital.

"The first call, which resulted in the dog being collected on the morning of May 9th,...resulted in the male owner being violently attacked by the male dog while breaking up a fight between the two dogs," Miller said. "The female dog instigated the fight and the male dog was surrendered and immediately euthanized."

Miller said that the injuries from the attack were "major," resulting in the owner being hospitalized.

Additionally, Miller says that the female dog was collected following a call on the evening of May 9th.

"Two additional occupants had been attacked, along with another dog," Miller said. "The pregnant female dog was surrendered by owners and euthanized, along with two puppies, the next morning."

The city manager stated that the events were in line with the best practices of the American Veterinary Medical Association, as the dog reportedly showed aggression toward people and/or animals.

Miller said that the City of Amarillo is currently pushing to make some changes suggested by the Target Zero report and maintaining a relationship with the Amarillo-Panhandle Humane Society. Miller also said that proposal to change the current three-day hold period for animals at the Amarillo animal shelter to two-days has been dropped, due to concerns from the community.

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Photo by HCPUA

Photo by HCPUA

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