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Editorial: Leon Church Shows The Problem With Seliger

During a recent stop in Amarillo, County Commissioner Leon Church showed the exact problem that Senator Kel Seliger has in Austin.

During Seliger's town hall in Amarillo this week, Church told Seliger that "Everyone I've talked to - at least the commissioners and judges - really appreciate you." The fact that Church would make a statement like this shows the problem with Kel Seliger's service in Austin.

Leon Church is well-connected to Amarillo Matters and downtown support organizations. Church often seems to vote in favor of downtown projects, which is unfortunate seeing as how the majority of Church's constituents live outside of the City of Amarillo's limits. Church has been more willing to play ball with special interest groups than go to bat for his own constituents.

Church's praise of Seliger shows a major issue with the State Senator. Church is a favorite son of special interest groups in Amarillo and, as stated by Amarillo Matters officials, the group's original purpose was to help re-elect Kel Seliger to the State Senate.

With Church's praise of Seliger, it raises the question, "Is Kel Seliger working for special interest groups or for his constituents?"

Looking at Church's record shows that the commissioner has made some disastrous votes on the county commission. In receiving Church's praise, some potentially major issues have been revealed about Seliger's reason for seeking another term.

-Thomas Warren III, Editor-In-Chief

Photos by Potter County, Texas Tribune

Photos by Potter County, Texas Tribune

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