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City Council to Consider Approving Incentive Deal with the Fairly Group

The Amarillo City Council will discuss giving final approval to an economic incentive deal with the Fairly Group during Tuesday's City Council meeting.

The City Council will hear a presentation from Amarillo Economic Development president Barry Albrecht about the deal during Tuesday's meeting. The deal, if approved, would provide the Fairly Group with $1,800,000 from the AEDC in exchange for an agreement from the company to create 100 new jobs and a payroll increase of $5,700,000 over the next 15 years.

The Fairly Group is a risk consulting firm which advises clients from across the country including the New York Giants organization. The Fairly Group has encouraged clients to "Embrace the risk, knowing great opportunities are ahead."

Alex Fairly, the organization's president, made news earlier this year as being one of the key players in brokering a deal for a letter of intent from Elmore Sports Group to relocate a AA baseball team to Amarillo. Answering the questions of some in the community, Albrecht has denied that Fairly's involvement in the negotiation was a factor in the AEDC deal.

Local attorney Len Walker recently blasted the deal on Facebook, writing, "Now, I ask each of you, does this 'deal' between Fairly and AEDC sound kosher, at all? I mean, what are the terms? How will the money be spent? Is this a gift/pay-off? What the hell is behind this payola that could ever justify it?"

A spokesperson for the Amarillo Economic Development Corporation was unavailable for comment at the time of this article's publication.

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