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Editorial: REALTORS PAC Support of Smith Reveals Disturbing Truth About Amarillo's Electoral Process

A major Texas political action committee supporting a City Council candidate proves a disturbing truth about Amarillo's electoral process.

Why would a political action committee based out of San Antonio spend $109,000 on an election in Amarillo, Texas? The Texas REALTORS PAC, throughout 2017, has yet to boast a single donation from anyone from Amarillo. That same committee is willing to make the race for Amarillo's City Council Place 4 seat one of its most expensive general election campaigns in the state.

The numbers do not make sense and prove a disturbing truth about Amarillo's electoral process: big money and special interest groups can and will buy our elections.

Why would the Texas REALTORS PAC spend that much on Howard Smith, a candidate that already had the support of special interest group Amarillo Matters and who had a $20,000 warchest of his own against an opponent who had a warchest of $80?

Amarilloans may never know the answer to that question but we can see one truth extremely clearly: Howard Smith's seat was purchased by special interest groups with a price yet to be determined.

-Thomas Warren III, Editor-In-Chief

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