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Editorial: Mayor Nelson, Go to the Rodeo

This weekend, I saw something incredible

For years we have been hearing talk and questions about how to bring tourism into Amarillo. People have wondered what the solution is to attracting new tourists. Some have suggested bizarre options and others have gotten behind the plan to build a ballpark.

I, however, suggest that the solution has been right in front of us all along.

Over the weekend, I attended the WRCA World Championship Ranch Rodeo at the Amarillo Civic Center and I was amazed at what I saw. This event is no ordinary event and many people in Amarillo understand that, based upon how many people attended the festivities. People from across the country packed out the arena and it was quite a spectacle.

Perhaps the most amazing part, however, was the commerce that took place outside of the rodeo. At nearly every shop, restaurant, bar and convenience store, cowboy boots walked the floor and cattle trailers lined the parking spots. People from all over the country spent money at local spots, taking part in one the best conventions I have ever seen in Amarillo.

Amarillo residents also took part in the spending fever from the rodeo. Cavender's Boot City was packed full of people trying on cowboy hats and boots, picking out shirts and belt buckles, all getting duded up in new western gear to take part in the rodeo.

I believe that this should be the future of tourism in Amarillo. Let's promote events like this instead of trying schemes to bring in tourists.

We have an opportunity to let the rodeo culture thrive in Amarillo. And if we did, we would not be sorry.

So, Mayor Nelson, you should go to the WRCA Ranch Rodeo next year. Hopefully, you will see the incredible economic opportunities that await if we would promote the right kind of events in Amarillo.

-Thomas Warren III, Editor-In-Chief

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